Area 51

Photographer: Natet2012

Yentiments Bra & Thong (Exsclusive for BBL body)

FLI. – Runway Sneaker Rainbow

[VEX] Myth Necklace 12inch (Platinum)

DOUX – Brianna Hairstyle

Baguette Bustdown White Gold (GRILL)

[POUT!] Satin Lips – Warm * GENUS APPLIER

[POUT!] Paint it! Eye Shadow – GENUS Applier

DAPPA – Lumos Tattoo

Merlific Dona Square Nails Bento

RE Vita Mia Watch – Female (REAL EVIL)

RE Affection Bracelet – Female (REAL EVIL)

My Prerogative

Photographer: Natet2012

DOUX – Brianna Hairstyle

[VEX] Myth Necklace 12inch (Black)

CHOP ZUEY – Gold Digger Earrings

Quality By Execs – Cuban Bracelet White Gold

Boots – N-core REGINA “Rare 01”

:::insanya::: KaiKai Bodysuit – B.Freya

BellePoses – Whip

Britney Pose – Natet2012

This is inspired by Britney Spears My Prerogative music video. I love the style of the video and the super seductive lighting and mood. Thank you to my baby for taking my pictures you are an amazing artist. Lots of Love XOXO – Daphne

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Stepping Out

Photos by: Natet2012

MOGUL Greta Oracle Dress

MOGUL (Szeyna Yeti Boots)

RAMA.SALON – Noemi Hair

//Mulloy – Infinito Glasses

BASEC – Stockholm Odysseus Calfskin.Silver

Nails – Ascendant – Dirty Money Nails 05

Quality By Execs – Cuban Bracelet White Gold

Dog – [Black Bantam] My Cutie Yorkie P1C2 Hold

Car – (C) Maserati Ghibli 2014 VONE [INDULGE]

Pimp My Queen

Photos by: Natet2012 Resident

Outfit Pimp My Queen at irrISIStible Shop

This outfit was made for me to wear during the Miss Metaverse Pageant as Miss Luxembourg. The outfit was inspired by a barbie doll outfit I found online. I took the picture to Isis.Secretspy owner of irrISIStible shop, she agreed and perfectly replicated the outfit and brought my vision to life. When you wear this you two will feel luxurious and regal like a Queen.